Touching Down at Sunset

I’m frequently asked, “do you paint from photographs or on site?” The answer is both as well as from sketches and other paintings I’ve done. This watercolor is an example of that mix of inspiration and the importance of being flexible as an artist. Once completed it doesn’t matter if I initially planned to place a raven landing on that limb (which I hadn’t) or if the sun was originally intended to be that colorful and intense (which it wasn’t). The only thing that matters is if I’m happy with the finished painting and the viewer is engaged. In my opinion, the best watercolorists are flexible and creatively agile during the process of painting. If something unexpected but special happens that will likely make the painting stronger, it’s important to “going with the flow” so to speak. In the end “Touching Down at Sunset” looks a bit like what I originally envisioned with the trees and moody sunset above the ocean, but like so often happens, it took on a life of its own and it was fun to be along for the ride.


Original Framed Watercolor 50” x 35” – Image 39 ½” x 25” – SOLD – All Rights Reserved