Through The Forest

I live in a community 5 blocks wide and 5 miles long with the forest to the east and ocean to the west. In most of my paintings I’m looking north, west or south, but inspiration, I’m sure you agree, comes from all directions.

This watercolor is part of my “Crinkle Series” where I start by painting on dry paper and then soak it in the sink. Once the paper is saturated I wad it up, flattening it back out and paint on it some more. In this case I had a challenge. What to do when the painting is too large for the sink I have to soak it in? The solution; take it outside and find a puddle (which has been remarkably easy this winter) and let it soak. One of the challenges with a watercolor like this is the randomness that can either make or break the painting. It’s a bit like working without a net and they can be thrilling or a complete flop. If Carol had looked out the window and seen me standing in the rain with a painting lying there, she would certainly have wondered, “Now what the heck is he doing”? Ah, the artist’s life.


Original Framed Watercolor 41 ½” x 29 ½”  – Image 31 ½” x 19” SOLD – All Rights Reserved