Still At Sundown

If there is one time of the day I am most likely to stop, breath and relax, it is at sundown. Regardless of how hurried I feel, I am always willing to pause and just drink it in. This sunset was certainly worth it and full of inspiration.

Each blade of grass in this watercolor is initially one long brush stroke and all are planned and then carefully executed. I paint them with a “flat” watercolor brush that holds a lot of pigment, twisting it along the way. The longest blade in this painting is nearly three feet in length. With watercolor as with calligraphy, there is no way to correct an errant brushstroke. At some point I must put brush to paper remembering, it is not rocket science, the worst thing that can happen is I ruin a painting.


Original Framed Watercolor 35 ½” x 57 ½” – Image 25 ½” x 47” – SOLD – All Rights Reserved