Standing Together

I suspect the etymology of a “stand” of timber partly refers to the whole supporting the individual, so all continue standing. Sounds like life and so appropriate as we together care for each other and our beautiful but fragile ecosystem here on the North Coast.
This watercolor was painted during the first annual “Earth & Ocean Arts Festival” in Cannon Beach, Oregon. Throughout the weekend I worked on it and explained the process showing those interested my techniques and approach to watercolor. In this case, it’s one of my “crinkle” paintings which entails soaking the watercolor paper in something large enough (in this case my granddaughter’s blow up pool conveniently located on the little deck outside the gallery) until the paper is so saturated its like a noodle. Then I wad it up into as small a ball as I can which creates slight cracks in the cotton watercolor paper. As more paint is added the background takes on a crinkly look and over time, a painting emerges. The icing on the cake was adding some small brush strokes of gold pigment on the sunlit side of the tree and bows. Like so often is the case the last few moments of painting is where it all comes together.
Original Framed Watercolor 43 ½” x 31 ½” – Image 34” x 22” – SOLD – All Rights Reserved