Standing On Hug Point

I frequently walk around Hug Point and pass Gulls, Guillemots, Oyster Catchers and Sandpipers, all just hanging out on rocks. I do my best to get a picture of them when I can to fill my photographic library. That way I have what I need when inspiration strikes. This is a western gull which is native to the west coast of North America. We have them year-round and my understanding is the don’t migrate. A couple of my beach walking/cleaning friends have several that recognize and follow them down the beach each morning as they pick up the fresh plastic debris deposited with the last high tide. I think their brood is more interested in the cat food kibble they feed them then the friendship, but it’s fun to watch either way.

Original Framed Oil on Canvas Board 13” x 15” – Image 8” x 10” – SOLD – All Rights Reserved