Sparkling Surf

In the summer of 1971, a guy walked up to me as I came out of the water on a beautiful evening with very small surf. He went on to say he had taken some photographs of me surfing and would send me one if I’d give him my mailing address. I remember thinking “yeah right” but I did, and he did. I lost track of that photo for 20 years or so but recently ran back across it and realized it would make a great painting so… here it is. I’m kind of old school about painting from other people’s photographs as it was drilled into me as a student to always find your own inspiration. There are exceptions to some rules, however. So, Mr. Photographer, if you are out there somewhere, I will gladly give you credit for your generosity and apologize for not getting your permission. At this point that would require time travel which in a way is what this painting is about.

Original Framed Oil on Linen Board 42 ½” x 58 ½” $8,500 – Image 38” x 54” All Rights Reserved