Rolling Through

I have no idea when I started this oil painting, but I know it’s been knocking around my studio for years. I knew there was something special about it that I didn’t want to ruin… so I’ve been waiting… for years to finish it. Surfers call a large, fast breaking, barely “make able” wave a “freight train”. That is what the main wave in this oil felt like to me. Sometimes empty gallery walls or a pending show will “inspire” me to paint, but in this case, I just finally knew what to do. I worked to develop the form of the white water or “soup” as surfers call it. I intensified the sky hue along the horizon and finally, added the pelicans flying above the breakers. They were the final pieces missing from the puzzle.


Original Framed Oil on Board 16” x 30” – Image 12” x 26” – SOLD – All Rights Reserved