Return To Sea

From the subtle to the sublime, I’ve never met a sunset I didn’t enjoy. No matter what I’m doing, I always try to pause, take a breath, and just enjoy the moment.

As you likely know, watercolor is a difficult painting medium to master and even more challenging the bigger a painting gets. One reason is there are few “mulligans” because once brush hits paper there’s no going back. With a composition like this I’ve discovered a way to confirm what I’m planning will likely be successful. After completing the background, and letting it dry, I place a thin acrylic sheet over the painting and draw with a dry erase pen what I have in mind. I can refine the rhythm and composition until I’ve assured myself that I’m headed in the right direction for the strongest outcome. Then I can just let the paint fly.


Original Framed Watercolor 35 ½” x 57 ½”  – Image 25” x 47” – SOLD – All Rights Reserved