Reaching For Sunset

With all the variety of atmosphere here on the Oregon Coast inspiration strikes often as I live my artistic life. When golden light bathes everything it touches in warmth, my job is made a little easier.   The graphic elements of these limbs in the foreground are challenging to paint because there’s no going back once I put brush to paper. They must be painted carefully yet boldly to capture their rugged nature.

Sometimes I finish a painting twice. I had this watercolor framed and hanging in my gallery and kept thinking it needed something. Most artists will tell you their paintings are not truly done until they’re sold and gone. We are notorious for continuing to work on them until we either ruin them or they sell, whichever comes first. So I powered this one up a bit by intensifying the sunset, developing another bow and finally adding the birds. Hopefully, it will sell before I’m tempted to remove the frame and have a third go at it.

Original Framed Watercolor 36 ½” x 45 ½”  – Image 26 ½” x 35” – SOLD – All Rights Reserved