Oregon Dory


There are several locations along the north coast where the “Dory Fleet” launch their boats for a day at sea to trawl for salmon. On a summer morning when the swell is small enough for them to launch through the surf, they drive onto the beach, slide the boat off the trailer, and power out through the waves. I’ve seen several get rolled or flip and bust up in the surf.

There are still a few dorys that launch just south of Haystack Rock, but the “fleet” of commercial fisherman have moved on. I miss seeing them drive through town on their way to sell their catch and park for the night at Malo’s Fish Market (now where Ecola Square sits). The gear would clank and the salt water would drain out the stern leaving a long wet trail on the pavement.

This doryman, all by himself off the splash rocks at the south end of Cannon Beach, is typical of the confident individualist that was attracted to this fishery.

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