Golden Evening


I could paint for a lifetime within Ecola Park, but I’ve only painted this iconic view one other time years ago. It is probably in the top 5 most photographed vistas in the Pacific Northwest, which is partly why I’ve taken so long before painting it again. I was simply waiting for that golden moment when inspiration and subject cry out “paint me”.

Artists and photographers refer to the time just after sunrise and before sunset as the “golden hour” because the light bathes everything it touches in rich warmth, which is partly where the title comes from also.

The composition is structured using the timeless formula of a “Golden Rectangle” or “Golden Section” – a rectangle with a ratio of 1 to 1.618 that is found throughout creation and in everything from architecture to classic sculpture and fine art. One of the reasons I’ve utilized this shape is how comfortable it feels to all of us.

So for me this painting is triple gold! Beautiful subject, wonderful light and timeless proportions.

We are reproducing this oil painting as a giclèe print on canvas.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Limited Edition – Signed and Numbered, Open Edition – Signed, Mini Print

Frame Option

Unframed, Malabar (Brown), Cascade (Gray), Matted Only, Small Cascade

Liner Option

None, Natural 1”, Natural 1 1/2”, Black 1”, Black 1 1/2”, White 1”, White 1 1/2”

Purchasing Options:

Limited Edition

(100 signed & numbered) Giclèe Print on Canvas

Framed Size 35” x 53” $2100 – Unframed (stretched) 30” x 48” $1250

Signed Open Edition

Giclèe Print on Canvas

Framed Size 23”x 35” $1125 – Unframed (stretched) 18” x 30″ $650


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