Never Neverland

Since 1973 I’ve always painted on the same French watercolor paper made by Arches largely because I know what to expect and what it’s limits are. In this watercolor however, there are a bunch of “I don’t” and “I never”. Here’s the list-

Have no specific plan other than to begin with a wave form and “see what happens”.
Paint on much thicker Arches, 300# Rough paper. It’s about as thick as matboard (with a surface that looks like a new container of cottage cheese when you first open it)
Use no clips to hold it down.
Start with crusty dried pigments on a dirty palette. There’s just too many unknowns laying there that can ruin a painting.
Last but not least, use a new pigment I’ve not tested to see how it works with my known colors.
I think you get the picture, no pun intended.

The value in “allowing myself” this freedom is simply, I know discoveries are made when I’m out past the edges of my abilities and experiences. Often, good things happen when I just jump in and start painting.

One final never. My surfing days are limited at my “advanced age” so I wouldn’t scamper over those rocks, jump in and paddle out to ride waves like that, not anymore, never again. Thank God I can still paint them.

Regarding the framing and presentation of this watercolor. We “floated” the painting so all of the image and it’s edges show. I tried to replicate that as best I could in showing it on the black background. All framing is included in the price, but my crew agreed independently this was a nice option for a unique painting.

Original Framed Watercolor 29” x 37”  – Image 22 ½” x 30” – SOLD – All Rights Reserved