Light In The Storm

As I came around a curve on Highway 101 at 55 mph I glanced out to sea and this is what it looked like. Most of the time I can stop and sketch or at least take a photograph or two, but not in this case as there was no place to safely stop and the sky was changing quickly. As soon as I could pull off, I grabbed a business card, the only piece of paper I had in my truck at the time, and quickly sketched from my visual memory what I had seen and went on about my day. When an image continues to come to mind, I’ve learned it’s too important to ignore.

So here it is, a split second of inspiration, a few moments of thought and a quickly painted watercolor. I considered working it over further, but usually that just takes away from the freshness. So… I put down the brushes and walked away. I waited until the next day to sign it, however.


Original Framed Watercolor 41 ½’ x 28 ½” – Image 31 ½” x 19” – SOLD –  All Rights Reserved – Here is the sketch I referred to.