Forest Gold (Crinkle Series)

To me, this is a mood painting. I was simply hoping to capture the feeling of sun and evergreen forest. Ok, it’s story time. I got serious about watercolor decades ago when Carol and I were on the island of Kauai. We shipped our VW camper there and I painted and studied daily (when the surf wasn’t good) consuming everything I could find on watercolor painting. One day we were on campus at Kauai Community College to see a gallery show and I wandered into their book store and purchased “The Way of Chinese Painting” which I still refer to today. It is said that Hawaii is where east meets west and it’s clearly evident as you get to know the culture. Frequently people comment that my work has an Asian feel. It’s not intention but there is an aesthetic thread that shows up and pulls at my creative heart. In my formative years I also studied Calligraphy and have long seen the connection between it and the brush strokes of watercolor. I continue to study thanks to a passion for learning I received from my parents. We still love Kauai but it rains all the time so you should definitely go to Maui instead.

This watercolor is part of my “Crinkle Series” where I start the painting on dry paper, soak it in water, wad the paper up and after flattening it back out paint on it some more.

Original Framed Watercolor 35 ½” x 23 ½” – Image 25 ½” x 13 ½” – SOLD – All Rights Reserved