East To West

Working as an artist on the coast, I’m continually drinking deep of its beauty, but what comes out takes many forms. I’m often asked if I’ve studied Asian Art as some of my paintings have that “feel” about them. Truth be told I’m about 99% self-taught and have been absorbing visual images for 70 plus years. One of my earliest memories of exposure to art was when my schoolteacher parents would turn my two brothers and I loose for an evening of exploration in the downtown Portland library. I always gravitated to the art book section on the top floor. I must have checked out the biography of Andrew Wyeth’s work a dozen times and like so many watercolorists, his paintings have stained my soul in a profound and beautiful way. So, I’ve been influenced by all the art I’ve seen, and my paintings are an amalgam of all my visual experiences.

I pulled out all the stops on this watercolor. It’s the largest “crinkle” painting I’ve done to date. I started by literally wadding the paper into a ball after soaking it in water which gives it that mysterious crackly background. It also has gold pigment that adds a little sparkle when the light catches it. We framed it with the deckle (ragged) edge showing as well.

The title is also a blend of my life’s experiences. As a man of faith, I’m thankful Psalm 103 tells us the Lord separates our sins as far as the east is from the west. Additionally, I’m finishing this watercolor as another trip to Hawaii is just hours away which for me is where east truly meets west and where I will undoubtedly be inspired by the beauty that surrounds me once again.


Original Framed Watercolor

33 ½” x 55 ½”  – Image 25” x 46 ½” – SOLD

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