Art and environment go hand in hand during September’s Earth & Ocean Arts Festival. The festival showcases the wonders of the natural world and encourages environmental stewardship through a range of gallery exhibits and art performances. Below, you’ll find some photos and information from a demonstration Jeff did in the gallery during the 2019 event. While we’re never sure the kiddie pool will make a return, it’s always interesting to watch Jeff’s paintings as they develop. (Many thanks to Linda Gebhart and Greta Hartman for these photographs of the process.)


The background forest was first painted on bone dry watercolor paper.

After drying completely (overnight) the painting gets a bath for 20 minutes or so. It comes out completely saturated and floppy like a big noodle-

Next, wadding it up as tightly as possible. This is what creates the crinkle effect giving the painting its unique characteristics.

Flattened (sort of) back out. It’s still shiny wet!

Over the under-painting goes the washes of transparent watercolor to create the “mood”-

Establishing the location and character of the main tree-

Further developing the foreground tree at the beginning of day three.

Adding some “sizzle” with Holbein Gold pigment to the limbs, branches and trunk (detail)

The finished watercolor “Standing Together”.