Crinkle Wave #1

My approach to painting watercolor comes primarily through the “California School of Watercolor” with strong influences from the European/ Western Art tradition. For the most part I consider myself a representational artist, but I give myself the freedom to experiment and not just paint what can become automatic over time. In other words, I take time to explore different techniques and approaches to painting watercolor.

Soooo. If you soak a piece of watercolor paper, wad it into a ball and then flattening it back out and paint on the wet crumpled paper, this is what you get. With this painting I soaked the blank paper in my sink before starting to paint rich blues and aqua hues right onto the wet paper. Once dry I could then add some detail and dark accents. I call these “crinkle” paintings because they remind me of the crinkle cookies my wife makes.

Original Framed Watercolor 25 ½” x 21 ½” – Image 15 ½” x 11” – SOLD – All Rights Reserved