Our priority when shipping your new artwork is to get it to you in perfect condition in the most affordable way we can. Because these two criteria vary dramatically based on everything from artwork size and weight to the distance it is going to travel, we take many things into consideration when deciding how something will be packaged, including any preferences you may have. We adjust our approach accordingly for each shipment and will walk you through the available options, but most situations fall into one of the following categories:

Larger framed artwork is surrounded by foam and shipped in our custom handmade wooden crates. Years ago, Jeff designed and tested these ‘home-built’ crates by tossing a crated print (framed and with glass!) around our back parking lot. When the print came out completely unscathed, we knew we had found a great shipping option for large pieces. Please note that some larger framed prints get charged ‘oversize’ fees with UPS and extra-large framed prints get shipped using a freight company based out of Portland.

Smaller framed art and canvas prints are generally shipped in a cardboard box with thin plywood inside and with either foam or bubble wrap surrounding the artwork. (You may even notice that we sometimes re-use these materials when the option is available to reduce our ecological footprint.)

Unframed paper prints are shipped in one of two ways: Larger prints are shipped in a 7-inch diameter and thick-walled cardboard tube. Smaller prints are packed between pieces of foamboard and shipped flat.

We typically use UPS Ground and USPS when available, but other options can be utilized when needed or if preferred. We stand behind everything we ship and feel it’s our responsibility to make sure your painting arrives safely. Everything is insured and damage is extremely rare! We ship worldwide and have successfully shipped Jeff’s artwork to places as far away as Japan, Russia and even Australia…so getting it shipped safely to your home should be pretty easy.