Framed artwork is surrounded by foam and shipped in our custom handmade wooden crates. Years ago, Jeff designed our crating system. He literally tossed a crated print, framed with glass around the back parking lot and when no damage occurred we knew we had the solution. Smaller framed art and canvas prints are generally shipped in a cardboard box with thin plywood inside with either foam or bubble wrap surrounding the painting. Unframed art is shipped in a 5” diameter x 1/4″ thick walled cardboard tube. We use UPS Ground and USPS but other options are available when needed or preferred. We stand behind everything we ship and feel it’s our responsibility to make sure your painting arrive safely. Everything is insured and damage is Extremely Rare!

We ship worldwide and have successfully shipped Jeff’s artwork to places as far away as Japan, Australia, even Moscow, Russia so to your home is probably pretty easy.