Crab Floats on a Limb

Most people who love the ocean have a little beach comber in them so finding treasures at the edge of the sea is just a part of life. Floats like these are used by Crabbers to locate the “pot” that sits on the bottom of the ocean and is attached to the surface by a long line of nylon rope. They simply pull the crab pot to the surface and sort out the “keepers”, re bait the pot and overboard it goes. When I find a float laying on the beach my criteria for adding it to my collection (I have more than enough by the way) is it must be intact, still have the line attached and have “soul”, if you will, as evidence of the life it’s lived.

Artists often have a tendency to keep analyzing paintings until they sell and find their home. I realized as I continued to look at this oil there was something it still needed. So I took it back to my studio and added the foliage to the limbs which brought a touch of “life” into it.


Original Framed Oil 14” x 11” – Image 12” x 9” All Rights Reserved – SOLD