The spindrift illuminated by the last rays of sunlight created this magical moment. The sunlight shining through the transparent lip of the wave looked a bit like a nautical cathedral. Surfers sometimes refer to riding in the tube as “going to church”. I get that.

I have a painter friend who refers to the use of his camera as “photo sketching”. I get that too. With a zoom lens I can pull in, compose a subject and freeze a moment in time just that quickly. It is especially valuable in low light where the camera balances the amount of light needed to help make an image compelling. My “job” is to then turn that information into a painting. While some artists are critical of the use of photographs in other artist’s work, it would appear they all, in some way, use it to their advantage. I learned decades ago no one cares if I painted it upside down and backwards or if I was wearing my favorite plaid shirt. The only thing that matters in the end is the finished painting. The other part of my job is to paint what I love. I love that narrow boundary of our planet where sea meets land and I suspect you do as well.


Original Framed Oil on Canvas Board 30” x 42” – Image 24” x 36”-  SOLD – All Rights Reserved