A Touch Of Gold

Golden leaves glistening in morning light inspired this watercolor and although it had a good strong start, this one fought me and proceeded to go sideways. To a trained eye, an artist’s confidence or hesitancy is perceivable in their paintings, so before ruining it, I leaned it up in the corner of my studio, a “time out” if you will. A fresh look after a few months provided renewed inspiration and the path forward became clear.

This watercolor is one of my “crinkle paintings” where the paper is soaked, waded into a ball, flattened back out and eventually completed. In this case it’s kind of a double crinkle painting as I adopted what was for me anyway, a new technique. Needing some additional texture in places, I wrapped crinkled tracing paper around a tennis ball and after dipping it in my paint tray added more interest in some areas. Thankfully it worked.

Nearing the end of the process, Carol walked into my studio after a long day in the gallery, so I asked what she thought? She said, “you’ve been working on that thing forever, let me know when it’s done”. Well, it’s done!


– SOLD –

Original Framed Watercolor 41 ½” x 29 ½” – Image 31 ½” x 19”

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