A Needle And A Pelican

Pelicans in flight on a gray coastal day were the inspiration for this watercolor. When I began to zero in on where I should “place them”, I realized the top wing of this solitary bird mimicked the shape of one of the two Needles just south of our famous Haystack Rock. I frequently use a design principle known as repetition when I’m arranging the elements of a painting. In this case it adds a subtle bit of harmony to the composition and story.

Brown Pelicans migrate north and south over the course of each year returning to the north Oregon Coast mid spring. We welcome their arrival as a signal that winter is indeed over and for their seemingly effortless ability to glide above the waves. While here they spend their summer days “fishing” and resting on the nearshore rocks or along the sandy shoreline before bedding down for the night on quiet sections of the coast and offshore sea stacks.

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Original Framed Watercolor 41 ½” x 33 ½” – Image 31 ½” x 23”

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